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Press release…

Fresh fruit and vegetable products reached 1 billion 321 million dollars…

Hayrettin Uçak, the Chairman of Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association, said that between 1 January -30 April, exports of fresh fruit and vegetables reached to 756 million dollars with 21.6 percent increase. Fresh fruit and vegetable products exports also reached to 565 million dollars with a 12.9 percent increase and both of them soared to 1 billion 321 million dollars with a 17 percent increase.

Pointing out that despite the heavy blow of the pandemic to the exports in general, Hayrettin Uçak said, “We can say that the agricultural sector has sustained the Aegean region exports and that 45 dollars of every 100 dollar export came from agriculture. In the January-April 2020 period, in our export markets; Russia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Israel came to the forefront in fruit and vegetable exports, while Germany, USA, England, the Netherlands and Italy came to the fore in the export of fruit and vegetable products. As of products, tomato, tomato paste, dried tomato, tangerine, juices, pomegranate, strawberry and pickles have been our most important export products during this period.”

Intense demand from Far East to Turkish cherries…

Describing that they constantly negotiate with commercial attaches in different countries through teleconferencing-videoconferencing methods, Uçak continued his words as follows:

“We have a video meeting almost once a week, especially with China. I can give you the good news that we have come a long way especially for cherries. In China and the Far East market, we continue to work on cherries, stone fruits, other fruits and vegetable products. In this regard, we are in constant communication with our Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Trade.”

“It will be a good year despite everything”

Indicating that cherry yield and quality are extremely good this year, the Uçak added, “The opening of markets such as China, Taiwan, South Korea excites cherry exporters. This season, the Far East will be one of our important markets for cherries. Likewise, the harvest and quality of peach, whose harvest is beginning, is better than last year. Again, in the Aegean Region, important fruit and vegetable products, gherkin, cucumber, roasted peppers and varieties are very good in terms of quality and yield in tomato paste. 2020 is a very productive year in terms of fruit and vegetable production. When the danger of the epidemic disappears, the positive atmosphere we caught in the first 4 months will continue and despite all, 2020 will be a good year for our sectors. I do not think there will be any restrictions on food and agricultural products during the epidemic.”

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