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Highland adventure of bovines and ovines began…
Tunç Soyer: If there is pasture, there is life

In the Bergama district of İzmir, the highland adventure that the villagers have converted to a tradition has begun this year with the animal release programme on the pasture participated by the İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer. The highland journey of bovines and ovines, which will spend the summer months in vast, cool pastures, created colorful images.

The villagers who made their living on animal husbandry in Bergama district of İzmir, took the road of the cool and grassy plateaus as they have been doing for years with the effect of hot weather. The summer journey of a total of 15 thousand animals, 10 thousand of which are ovines, from Çamavlu Village to the 23,000-decare Çamavlu Pasture, was organized by Kozak Çamavlu Agricultural Development Cooperative and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and CHP Vice President and Bursa Deputy Orhan Sarıbal started with the animal release programme on the pasture.

Mayor Tunç Soyer, wearing a shepherd’s cloak, herded sheep for a while with Bergama Mayor Hakan Koştu. Pointing out the importance of the pastures by making a statement here, Tunç Soyer said that they will continue to protect the pastures with full effort in Izmir. Stating that they will continue to do whatever is necessary to support animal husbandry in the region, Soyer emphasized the destruction caused by the coronavirus epidemic and added, “This epidemic showed us all that we have to continue production. We have to maintain livestock. We have to. The effects of the epidemic will be reflected more heavily on all of our lives. For this reason, I wish that the plateau (highland) opening that we have held today will be beneficial to all our villagers and all our citizens. If there is pasture, there is life. ”

“İzmir once again revealed a success story”

CHP Deputy Chairman Orhan Sarıbal also said that Izmir has made history with public policies after so many years in terms of agriculture. Indicating that pastures are extremely important in animal husbandry, Orhan Sarıbal noted, “If there is no pasture, you cannot continue whatever type of livestock it is. Therefore, if there is pasture, there is grass, if there is pasture, there is meat, if there is pasture, there is livestock. ” Underlining that bovine and ovine breeding is very important for the country, Sarıbal concluded: “Therefore if you don’t have pastures and highlands, there is no possibility of sustaining animal husbandry. Here, 15 thousand decares of breeding has been going on since 2002. This is a very important example for Turkey. So İzmir once again revealed another success story. ”

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