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Smyrna Boyoz on the way to Israel…

Smyrna Boyoz, adopting the motto from Izmir to the world, continues to export without slowing down despite the coronavirus. Musa Turan, Mim Group CEO, said that Smyrna Boyoz will take its place on the shelves of supermarkets in Israel in the first week of July

The new address of Smyrna Boyoz products, produced by Mim Group and exported to many countries, especially the USA, became Israel. Stating that they have taken the fruits of their long-term initiatives in Israel, Turan noted, “We are now working on packaging design and that Smyrna Boyoz will start to take its place in Israeli supermarkets as of the first week of July.

“We must turn the crisis into an opportunity”

Indicating that the first order will be distributed from Tel Aviv as a container, Turan explained, “Promotions have already started for our boyoz varieties with olives, sweet tahin and zater labne which will take place in the frozen sections. We trust our taste. We believe that the continuation will come. After this sale, we will start the wholesale and branching works.”

Emphasizing the need to seek ways to turn the crisis into an opportunity with the friendly relations to be established during this period, Turan added, “The way to survive the crises with the least damage is through exports. These initiatives are a great opportunity for both us and our country.”


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