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Turkish coffee exports tripled over 5 years…

57.4 million dollars worth of coffee exported in 2023, with Syria, Belarus, and Russia being top importers, according to country’s statistical bureau…


Türkiye exported 800,600 tonnes of coffee to 146 countries last year, generating 57.4 million dollars in revenue, as exports of the commodity tripled over the last five years, according to recent data published by the country’s statistical bureau TurkStat. 

Revenues from coffee exports were estimated at 19.2 million dollars in 2019. However, Türkiye’s coffee exports have tripled in the last five years, as per TurkStat data compiled by Anadolu.

The total revenue from coffee exports over the last five years was 200.6 million dollars. 

The data revealed that Syria has the highest demand for Turkish coffee exports, with 10.4 million dollars worth of coffee exported to the country last year, followed by Belarus (8.5 million dollars) and Russia (6.5 million dollars).

Turkish coffee was exported to 146 countries in 2023, with the highest demand in the US, Netherlands, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Saudi Arabia, and UK.

In terms of coffee imports to Türkiye, the figure was 465.1 million dollars in 2023, with Brazil coming in first with 285.2 million dollars.  

‘Türkiye is more than a coffee producer’ 

Türkiye has made significant progress in the preparation and presentation of coffee in recent years, Osman Serim, vice president of the Turkish Coffee Culture and Research Association, told Anadolu.

Türkiye is more than a coffee producer, Serim said, adding that in fact, the production and export of coffee machines used for the “cezve coffee” method, other types of processed coffee, porcelain, and glass service materials all contribute to the popularity of Turkish coffee in different countries.

Osman Serim

He said Italy stands out in terms of added value and turnover in coffee, despite the fact that the country does not cultivate coffee and that it could set a good example for Türkiye.

“Developing machines and equipment that can make Turkish coffee, as well as coffee pots, will put Türkiye at the forefront of value-added coffee brands and the creation of popular ‘coffeeshop’ chains around the world,” he suggested.

He emphasized that both the Turkish government and the private sector should take Turkish coffee to the next level, as he believes it will gain popularity in the coming years as Türkiye becomes a key player in the sector…  

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