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Kazım Gürel: We continue to introduce Turkish cuisine to the world thanks to the Turkish Tastes Project

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Kazım Gürel, Turkish Tastes Ambassador Kazım Gürel, Board Member of Aegean Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters’ Association, said that since 2019, they have set out with a long-term vision that contributes to all the stakeholders within the scope of their project.

“We have created a great community with our collaborations with prestigious institutions such as the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) Nevada William F. Harrah School of Hotel Management, Nevada Restaurant Association (NvRA), American Culinary Federation (ACF),” he said.

“Seeing this community grow continuously is the best indicator that we are reaping the fruits of our efforts. We believe that it is time to unlock the potential of the sectors we represent to do business together and to take concrete steps in this regard. We will work with determination to go even further in this field in the coming period,” he explained.

Kazım Gürel

Turkish ingredients in world cuisine!

Stating that they will continue their training activities for US chefs to include Turkish Tastes in their agenda, he added, “For this reason, we attach great importance to the Turkish Tastes reference book series and we are happy to publish the second issue of our book. As Aegean Exporters’ Association (EIB), we have shown what can be done with Turkish products in all kitchens in our Turkish Tastes Project. We prepared a reference book called Turkish Tastes.”

“While introducing our products, cuisine and culture to the target audience with the book, we also showed that Turkish products can be used in all cuisines of the world. We hosted US chefs in Türkiye and they experienced the journey of our products from farm to table with the unique hospitality of Anatolia. I would like to mention for the first time the Turkish Tastes Restaurant Programme, which we believe will be the most important event of the coming period. With this programme, we will present our ‘Turkish ingredients in world cuisine approach’ to the experience of the end consumer. The restaurants we will cooperate with across the USA will offer menus prepared with Turkish Tastes products to their guests,” he concluded…

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