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Antalya celebrates its oranges with 101 traditional dishes…

In a flavourful celebration of Antalya‘s renowned citrus produce, chefs showcased the versatility of the Finike district’s oranges in 101 traditional dishes, with the surprising yet delectable combination of oranges with Adana kebab and pide stealing the show.

The southern province has showcased its prowess in culinary innovation. In a bid to bolster the local orange industry, the provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry Ministry led an initiative crafting of 101 dishes using the registered Finike orange, showcasing its versatility in gastronomic creations. Chef Halil Gökmenoğlu and his team carefully prepared these dishes at a 5-star hotel in the Kundu district of Aksu, using a whopping 500 kilograms of oranges in the process.

İbrahim Irmak

While a diverse range of dishes, including fish, soup, desserts, and seafood, garnered attention, it was the incorporation of oranges into traditionally meat-based dishes like Adana kebab and pide that sparked intrigue. Gökmenoğlu explained how the acidity of the orange enhanced the flavour profile of the kebab, stating, “As we mark the 101st anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic, we crafted 101 dishes, considering both our farmers’ needs and exploring the potential of citrus fruits.”

İbrahim Irmak, a senior official from the directorate, highlighted the significance of expanding the consumption of oranges beyond fruit and juice, stating, “It’s a significant convergence of agriculture and gastronomy. Antalya boasts a plethora of agricultural products.”

Source: www.hurriyetdailynews.com

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