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Turkish fishermen wrap up season with hunting ban…

With the conclusion of the fishing season in the Turkish seas, the annual hunting ban has commenced to ensure wildlife conservation and sustainable resource management.

İbrahim Yumaklı

In a statement declaring the fishing ban starting from April 15, Agriculture and Forestry Minister İbrahim Yumaklı said that this year’s season witnessed a bountiful catching.

The seasonal end marks a ban on industrial fishing activities until Aug. 31, with exemptions granted for small-scale coastal fishermen. A fishing ban is imposed every year between April 15 – Sept. 1 to preserve fish eggs and ensure sustainable fish farming.

On the other hand, fishermen will be able to continue purse seine and trawl fishing in international waters during the four-and-a-half month fishing ban period, provided that they obtain permission from the ministry and comply with the determined rules.

As the fishing hiatus commences, Yumaklı reassured that public fish needs could be sufficiently met through small-scale and cultivated fisheries during the summer months.

The ministry conducted rigorous inspections and enforcement activities, resulting in seizures of almost 600 tons of poached products and fines totaling around 74 million Turkish Liras (2.2 million dollars) imposed on violators…

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