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Celep: We are a market maker, a country that dominates the market

Birol Celep, Chairman of the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association, said that last year, raisins were exported around 2 thousand 50 dollars per tonne and this year the yield is around 270 thousand tons due to climatic conditions.

Celep said, “Right now, the sugar content of the grapes our producers cut from the vineyards is significantly below the values ​​we want. Therefore, we need to explain this to producers. Although our exports were 4-5 thousand tons less than the previous season, we brought 505 million dollars to our country.”

Celep explained, “We are a market maker and a country that dominates the market. We will market our products by adhering to the market conditions in a stable manner without panic with our colleagues. Our producer has to own and utilize his grapes. This is not a bad number for us, but an acceptable level. Because if an important raisin producer like the USA does not sell its product below 2 thousand 200 dollars per tonne, we will endeavour to carry Turkish Sultani Seedless Raisins for more than 2 dollars.”

“We will go above 500 million dollars”

Stating that they will ensure this effort step by step, in cooperation, by consulting together, Celep noted, “We will both contribute to the country’s economy and our producers will strengthen. The stronger producer will also support the economy. In this way, we will maintain our position of having a voice in raisins, the locomotive of the dried fruit product group, as a world leader. Turkish raisins have exceeded the half-billion dollar threshold for the last two seasons, reaching historical levels.”

“Since we have a certain amount of stock products from last year, I can easily say that when we add 271 thousand tons this year, we will exceed the figure of 500 million dollars again,” Celep added…

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