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In Gaziantep province, beekeepers have completed all preparations for the honey production period. Gaziantep Beekepers’ Association Chairperson Nebi Koca stated that 10 years ago, only 10 tonnes of honey was produced annually and 420 tonnes of honey was produced last year in Gaziantep and said, “This year, our goal is to produce 500 tonnes of honey.”

Beekeepers in Gaziantep have finished their preparations for honey production in the new season. Honey harvest will be carried out in July with the work of worker bees released to the nature by producers who work to increase the number of bees with the hive cleaning and artificial swarm method.

Nebi Koca, Chairperson of the Beekeepers’ Association, noted that all preparations were made for honey production in beehives in March and measures were taken against possible diseases.

“As of March 1, the fight against diseases and pests of bees has started in Gaziantep province. In fact, this period is also a preparation period for the honey period. So the season has started for honey production in our Gaziantep region,” Koca added.


“The most important honey variety of Gaziantep region is zahter honey and that the honey nectar flow period will begin on 25 May. We had sufficient rainfall in March and honey production will increase this year with the continuation of the rain in April, With the completion of all preparations, the honey nectar flow starts as of May 25. After that, our honey harvest starts for about 1 to 1.5 months. We are planning to realize our zahter honey harvests across our region in July,” Koca concluded…

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