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First harvest starts in Adana; 300 thousand tonnes yield expected

Harvesting has started in Adana, where Türkiye’s earliest potatoes are grown…

Early potato harvest started in Eastern Mediterranean province of Adana, one of the most important agricultural production centres of Türkiye. The workers who came to the fields from the early hours of the morning cleaned the potatoes from the soil with the help of a tractor. The potatoes, which will be sent to all four corners of the country, are carefully put into sacks by agricultural workers. Then, the potatoes were loaded in crates for nearby cities and in sacks for distant cities and loaded on lorries and sent to the markets for sale. It is stated that approximately 300 thousand tonnes of yield is expected from the potatoes planted on approximately 66 thousand decares in the province, with an average yield of 4 tonnes per decare. Potatoes with high yield made the farmers smile. It was noted that with the intensification of the harvest throughout the city in the coming days, prices are expected to decrease a little more.

Speaking to reporters during the harvest, Adana Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Mehmet Nuri Kökçüoğlu said, “In 2023, we produced 5 and a half million tonnes of potatoes on an area of 1 million 500 thousand decares. In Adana, we produced 220 thousand tonnes in an area of 60 thousand decares. We have an increase of 10 percent this year. Although Adana ranks 10th in potato production, the first potato is harvested in Adana region.”

Mehmet Nuri Kökçüoğlu

Explaining that potato production is also planned within the framework of agricultural production planning, Kökçüoğlu added, “We are planning potato production. We do not victimise both consumers and producers in terms of price. We want to produce potatoes as much as we need. In line with the instructions, we want to bring production to people’s tables in a sustainable way.”

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