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Raisin exports reached 421 million dollars…

Season of raisin exports began on 1 September 2019 in Turkey and 203 thousand 504 tons of raisins exported till 13 June 2020, 421 million dollars of foreign currency income earned in return.

Raisin exports decreased by 4 percent in quantity compared to the previous season, while the fall in foreign exchange remained at 1 percent.

While the average export price of raisins was 2 thousand 3 dollars in 2018-29 season, it increased to 2 thousand 66 dollars in 2019-20 season.

Turkey, while exports raisin to 99 countries, the European Union exports rose 2 percent to 335 million 620 thousand dollars. England ranked first with the preference of 121 million dollars of Turkish grapes. Raisins were exported to Germany for 51 million dollars and the Netherlands for 41 million dollars.

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