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Funda Baltalı: Demand for goat milk soars

Press release…

Stating that they completed 2023 quite well, Baltalı Gıda (Baltalı Food) founder Funda Özer Baltalı said that as Baltalı Gıda, they realised a turnover of 50 million TL in 2023 and invested in the SPP project.

Funda Özer Baltalı

Baltalı Gıda Founder Funda Özer Baltalı, highlighting that it takes many years to provide a return especially in agriculture and agriculture-based industries, said: ‘The demand for goat milk is increasing in parallel with the world in Türkiye. We completed 2023 in a very good place. The turnover we can make directly depends on the milk source. On the other hand, it also depends on how much healthy milk of a certain standard we can obtain from our own farms or contracted farms. Therefore, we are talking about a rare product group. From this point of view, we closed the year 2023 in a good position with a turnover of 50 million TL. This figure is quite sufficient for us.”

On the other hand, we completed the year 2023 with a SPP project to reduce our costs and strive for sustainability. We wanted to produce our own energy, because we are trying to become a self-sufficient farm and energy is one of the most important parts of this. As an organisation that believes in investing in people, we invest in our colleagues and try to improve their skills and increase their knowledge.’

BALTALI GIDA – Baltalı Gıda, which has been operating since 2008, is a first in Türkiye, introducing unadulterated products made from 100 percent goat milk. Baltalı Gıda, which operates on 130 decares of land in İzmir’s Seferihisar Düzce Village and has a special high-yielding goat breed, raises its goats under the supervision of experts in the healthiest conditions with all controls.

Baltalı Gıda, which has the necessary international certificates in terms of food safety, ensures that the products it produces on the agricultural chain meet consumers in the highest quality form without additives. Baltalı Gıda, which carries out production with maternal sensitivity, also conducts product development studies in cooperation with universities for allergic children and adults.

The product range of Baltalı Gıda, which uses 100 percent goat milk, includes daily pasteurised goat milk, goat cheese, goat kashar cheese, goat büş cheese, goat curd, goat labneh, goat butter, strained yoghurt, goat milk kefir and baby biscuits produced with goat milk olive oil…

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