Minister Pakdemirli said that the seafood industry survived the epidemic process without any injuries.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli stated that Turkey has a very strong position in the fishery.

New export target 2 billion dollars…

Reminding that the industry had the first export target of 1 billion dollars for 2023, Pakdemirli noted that this target was achieved in 2019.

Emphasizing that their new targets are 2 billion dollars and they are turning to the target with certain steps, Pakdemirli continued as follows:

“In the pandemic process, we have had a short-term impact on our exports. We have also made campaigns in the markets to compensate them. We have managed to keep our fishing sector alive by taking initiatives in the fields such as the increase in consumption in the domestic market. Our aquaculture industry has pulled through the pandemic without injuring.”

2 lira support to producers…

Expressing that they continue to support aquaculture, Pakdemirli added, “We announced 2 liras of support for the kilogram of fish produced and processed. This 2 lira support was also very important to keep our producer’s motivation high. This was also published recently. We stand always with our industry.”

Indicating that fish consumption in the last 20 years in Turkey has followed a flat course, Pakdemirli concluded:

“Yes, our exports and our production are increasing, but ranging a horizontal consumption in Turkey. On the contrary, we have a rise in consumption of red meat and chicken. We think that should be consumed in a balanced way all sources of protein. We attach great importance to the fish. Fish is not only our seashore cities across Turkey, but consumption for all of Turkey, because fish is a healthy food. We say all the time. eat fish and stay healthy.”

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