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Türkiye leads Europe in livestock assets!

Türkiye has left European countries behind in bovine and ovine livestock. In the last 22 years, the number of bovine cattle in the country has soared by 69 percent and the number of ovine cattle by 40 percent. While France, Germany, Romania and Spain, the most important countries of Europe in livestock production, have seen a decline over the years, the positive situation in Türkiye attracted attention.

Türkiye is at the top of Europe in terms of livestock production.

The number of cattle in Türkiye has increased by 69 percent in the last 22 years. The number of cattle, which was 9.8 million in 2002, increased to 16.6 million last year. In previous years, France, the country with the largest cattle population in Europe, followed Türkiye with 16.4 million cattle. Germany with 10.95 million, Italy with 6 million, Poland with 6.44 million, Spain with 3.72 million cattle made up the ranking.

14 years of remarkable progress from Türkiye.

Considering the period between 2010 and 2023, the country surpassed other countries in cattle breeding. In 2010, France was the leader in Europe with approximately 20 million cattle, Germany was second with 13 million cattle and Türkiye was third with 11.4 million cattle. At this point, the number of cattle in Türkiye has jumped, while France and Germany have declined and Türkiye has risen to the first place.

Between the years mentioned, the number of cattle in Türkiye rose by 45.61 percent…

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