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Burdur’s Poppy Halva receives ‘Geographical Indication Registration Certificate’

Upon the application made by Burdur Chamber of Commerce, poppy halva, which received a geographical indication registration certificate, became the 14th product to be registered in the province.

Türker Öksüz

Governor Türker Öksüz stated that the economy of the province is based on agriculture and animal husbandry and said that the only way of production, development and enrichment is agriculture and animal husbandry.

A geographical sign registration certificate was obtained from the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for Burdur’s poppy halva.

Highlighting that production is the only way to reach prosperity, development and enrichment, Öksüz said, “We need to work to turn our potential in plant and animal production into production and added value. It is pleasing that our province has received geographical indication registration certificate in 14 products so far. We can increase these even more, we have other products in the queue.”

Ömer Faruk Gündüzalp

Ömer Faruk Gündüzalp, Chairperson of Burdur Commodity Exchange, said that they started the registration process of poppy halva in April 2021.

“Our registration work continues. We have 2 more products after this. One is ‘Söğüt tomato’ and the other one is ‘Kızılkaya black cumin’. I hope we will finalise their certification process in a short time,” he added…

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