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Rainfall in the Konya plain decreased by 55 percent compared to last year!

In the driest season of the last 53 years, Konya Plain expects rainfall for harvest!

While Türkiye recorded the second hottest and driest month of the last 53 years as January of 2023, the precipitation in Konya Plain decreased by 55 percent in this grain season compared to last year.

Konya plain

In the Konya Plain, which has an important place in the country’s grain production, a harvest of over 2 million tonnes was achieved in the 2022 grain production season. With the fall in precipitation this year, it was recorded as a 55 percent decline in precipitation compared to the same months of the previous year. In the examinations made by experts in the grain fields, it was stated that the snowfall in the past weeks closed the openings in these areas to some extent.

“About 72 percent of the Konya plain is barren agriculture”

Burak Kırkgöz, Head of Konya Branch of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, stated that meteorological drought does not mean agricultural drought. In this part, arid agriculture is practiced in grains.

Burak Kırkgöz

“In these barren areas, our rainfall in October and November was insufficient. We had partial emergence in the first planted areas. Later, there was a slight decrease in the emergence of our seeds in the regions that did not receive precipitation,” he said.

“The lack of precipitation in the following periods caused our seed losses in arid areas and the sparseness of the areas. The snowfall in the past weeks has closed the deficiencies in these areas to some extent. We can see the effect of snowfall in the barren regions, especially when we travel in these periods,” he added…

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