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Şemsi Bayraktar: Our farmers are suffering losses because of the decrease in greenhouse products

Press release…

Şemsi Bayraktar, Head of the Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers (TZOB), evaluated the greenhouse production in Türkiye, the price decreases in greenhouse products and the expectations of farmers from the municipalities with a press statement.

Şemsi Bayraktar

Stating that greenhouse production has become an important sector in the world, Bayraktar said, “Greenhouse production has made a rapid breakthrough and development in our country in recent years and has taken its place in the fourth place in the world and second place in Europe after Spain.”

Stating that in the country, greenhouse production is carried out in 73 provinces on a total area of 764 thousand 207 decares, he said, “Of the greenhouse production areas, 40.7 per cent are in Antalya, 24.6 per cent in Mersin, 15.6 per cent in Adana and 4.3 per cent in Muğla. In 2023, total production in greenhouses was 8 million 956 thousand 951 tonnes and 89 percent of this production was vegetables.”

“According to the information received from our Chambers of Agriculture in Antalya and Mersin provinces, where vegetable greenhouse production is intensively carried out, significant price decreases are observed in greenhouse vegetable products after the feast,” he noted.

Pointing out that in the last 15 days in these provinces, pepper has dropped from an average of 45 liras to 15 liras, cucumber from 17 liras to 3 liras, tomato from 21 liras to 15 liras, eggplant from 27 liras to 6 liras,” he added, “Our farmers are making losses with these prices.”

“There is a spike in supply due to increased yield in greenhouse production and early harvest maturity of the products with the air temperature above seasonal norms. In addition to the spike in supply, there are price decreases due to the decrease in the product going to export these days and the decrease in the purchases of chain markets, especially due to the Ramadan Feast,” he concluded…

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