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In Kırşehir province, which is one of the important walnut production centres in Turkey, this season’s harvest reached 4,700 tonnes.

Duran Seçen, Kırşehir Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, said that the walnut grown in the province, especially Kaman district walnut, which has a different flavour and aroma due to the climate and soil structure, attracts attention.

Duran Seçen

Stating that approximately 4,700 tonnes of products were obtained from trees planted on 26 thousand decares of land this year, Seçen drew attention to the fact that 3,200 tonnes of walnuts were grown throughout the province last year due to agricultural frost.

Walnut production is increasing in all districts…

Şeref Kaya, Vice Chair of Kırşehir Chamber of Agriculture, also stated that the inner fullness and colour of the walnut is better this year compared to last year.

Explaining that approximately 20 thousand decares of the 26 thousand decare walnut orchard in the region is in Kaman district and walnuts are grown on 2 thousand 500 decares in Mucur, Kaya said that production has become widespread in all districts.

Kaya said, “Last year, they had blackened due to drought and frost, but this year we had very clean, high quality walnuts. This year, 4,700 tonnes of walnut harvest from 26 thousand decares made our farmers happy. Walnut yield is high.”

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