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Bergama will provide 5 thousand jobs thanks to Organized Agricultural Industrial Zone.

A new business door will be opened to 5,000 people in Bergama (a district of İzmir province), where efforts are underway to establish an Agriculture-Based Specialized Industrial Zone. Mayor Hakan Koştu said, “Every stage, from production to slaughtering, from feeding to marketing, will combine with our specialized industrial zone based on agriculture that we will be implemented in our district. Approximately 5 thousand people will be employed in this facility. At the same time, this facility will be the locomotive of cattle breeding in our region.”

A field research held in Bergama for the Agriculture Based Fattening Specialized Industrial Zone, which will be realized with the support of Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli and followed by a meeting with broad participation of regional business representatives.

Koştu: We continue to work the sake of our people

Drawing attention to the fact that Bergama Agricultural Specialized and Organized Industrial Zone will add value to Bergama and make up for a significant gap in terms of employment, Mayor Hakan Koştu added, “We continue to work with full force for our Bergama. Since the first day we set off to do the projects we promised for our historic city, we have planned to take our steps one by one.”

In the meeting, Bergama Industrial Zone’s infrastructure and superstructure assessment along with an evaluation of cultivation for fattening activities and the specialized – organized greenhouse area that includes related industrial facilities was made.


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