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International and Turkish beekeeping industry came together at the 47th Apimondia – World Beekeeping Congress, which was held at the Istanbul Congress Centre on 24-28 August 2022.

BEE’O Propolis Founder, Food Engineer, Dr. Aslı Elif Tanuğur Samancı reviewed the World Beekeeping Congress, attended by approximately 4 thousand people from 134 countries in Istanbul, for http://www.turkishagrinews.com.

Dr. Samancı said, “As BEE’O Propolis, we are constantly taking part in World Beekeeping Congresses; 200 scientific presentations were made at this event and I tried to contribute with 3 different scientific presentations to the Congress.”

“Thanks to this prestigious event of which we are the main sponsor, where the latest technological and academic information about the beekeeping sector in the world was shared and we came together with the companies that lead the beekeeping sector, carried out joint studies and contributed to the development of beekeeping activities in Türkiye. We all know that bees and beekeeping are very important for the sustainability of the ecosystem and green vegetation. Therefore, we as BEE’O Propolis, attach great importance to the beekeeping sector and to our beekeepers for the continuity of the ecosystem,” she noted.


Pointing out that they work with the ‘Contracted Beekeeping Model’, which is the first and still the only one in Türkiye, which contributes to the development of the beekeeping and bee products sector in the country and also enables them to present their products to our consumers in the most natural and purest way, she explained, “Thanks to this model, we protect the rights of our beekeepers, in our country and in the world. We support the increase in the number of bees and the development of beekeeping.”

“We also make sure that the production is carried out in a completely clean environment, free from pesticides and away from waste sites, in accordance with the principles of ‘Good Beekeeping Practices’. We provide material, equipment and training support to our contracted beekeepers and help them develop their businesses by trading ethically,” she added.

“We save 1 percent of the income from each BEE’O Propolis product you buy and repay our beekeepers as a premium in the form of new hives every year. Because we know the value of the bee and its contribution to the ecosystem. We are aware that agriculture, fruit, vegetable, grain and pulse production cannot be done without bees and the continuation of humanity depends on bees. Let’s not forget, ‘If there is a bee, there is life!'” she concluded…

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