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Press release…

‘World Food Safety Day’ is celebrated every year on June 7th.

Federation Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey (TGDF) released a statement and emphasized the importance of the issue while drawing attention what needs to be done to ensure the food security.

TGDF statement is as follows:

The days we live have once again demonstrated the importance of food safety. Our efforts to prevent food-borne risks have yielded fruit and despite the difficulties in raw material supply, shelves and tables have not been left empty.

“Food safety is not only the industry’s responsibility”

We would like to remind you that food safety is not only the responsibility of food and beverage manufacturers, although we willingly undertake it. To access globally reliable food, governments must first support sustainable agriculture and food systems through policies and incentives.

Agricultural production should ensure adequate food supply while keeping environmental impacts to a minimum.

“Food safety is a matter of all of us”

In this context, states, regional economic institutions, organizations affiliated to the United Nations; development, trade, consumer and producer organizations; academics and institutes should work together to ensure food security in the local, regional and global context by working together. As the Turkish food and drink industry, we are always involved in these partnership efforts.

We would like to congratulate all our stakeholders who have been working with us to prevent food-borne risks due to the June 7 World Food Safety Day, which is celebrated for the second time this year.

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