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Aegean agri-food exporters aim to reach 10 billion dollars!

Press release…

Jak Eskinazi, Coordinator Chair of the Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EIB), announced that Aegean Exporters’ Associations became Türkiye’s champion by realising 20 percent of the country’s exports of agricultural products alone with exports of 7 billion 315 million dollars with an increase of 8.8 percent.

“As the Aegean Region, the agricultural warehouse of the world, we maintained our leadership in 2023. We believe that this positive trend will continue in 2024,” he said.

Pointing out that they foresee that they will reach 10 billion dollars of agricultural exports with high-tech investments and sustainability vision in the coming period, he explained, “In order to prepare the world’s food supply security for the future, we must focus on the production stage. Thirty percent of the products are wasted until they reach the table. We need to overcome food waste. Greentech, the green technology industry, is growing. The global environmental technologies market volume is expected to rise to 9.4 trillion euros in 2030. In the agricultural sector, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence are creating a large-scale change. Sustainable agriculture can only be realised through the application of automation and data science.”

“As EIB, we invest in many projects from combating pesticides to preventing food losses. In order to reach our targets, government incentives in high-tech investments, Good Agricultural Practices and Organic Production are very important. As a leading region in agriculture, we always need new investments that serve the Sustainable Development Goals,” he added…

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