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Ali Kındap: Türkiye’s geothermal potential still largely untapped

Türkiye may become the leading country in the world in geothermal energy if it utilizes its untapped capacity, says Ali Kındap, the president of the Geothermal Energy Association (JED).

Ali Kındap

The geothermal energy use was 7,000 megawatts (MW) last year, including heating, electricity generation, agricultural production and tourism purposes, but this was far below the discovered geothermal resources at 62,000 MW, he added.

The installed geothermal capacity remained unchanged from the previous year at 1,691 MW in 2023, when the country’s total installed electricity capacity reached more than 106,000 MW, according to Kındap.

Even though Türkiye underutilizes its potential, it is still the leading country in Europe and ranks fourth in the world in terms of the installed geothermal capacity, he noted.

The National Energy Action Plan announced earlier this month by the Energy Ministry aims to increase the installed capacity, including geothermal and biomass, to 5,100 MW by 2030, Kındap said, adding that this target is well below the country’s potential.

“The private sector has enough capital, technology and human resources to boost the capacity to 5,000 MW and above by itself alone,” he furthered.

Considering the difficulties the country may face in achieving the 2053 net zero target and the key role geothermal can play, the targets set in the action plan should be revised, according to Kındap.

There has been a significant decline in investment in all clean energy, except solar energy, he said, citing the problems with accessing financing and long processes for obtaining permits as the main reasons for the decline.

Kındap also said investments regarding capacity expansion and new investments in geothermal-based electricity production will be announced soon, adding that among those investors are Türkiye’s largest steel and iron companies.


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