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FAO and the World Economic Forum go to cooperation…

FAO and WEF cooperation envisages the transformation of agriculture and food systems within the framework of sustainability with the contribution of the private sector.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) signed a letter of intent to support the more systematic transfer of private sector resources towards global goals such as reducing hunger.

Letter; It paves the way for FAO to further guide the private sector in supporting sustainable development, particularly the transformation of agriculture and food systems. The signatories commit to working together in areas of common interest, particularly data and digitalization, to support inclusive, efficient, sustainable and healthy agriculture and food systems, and to increase investments to accelerate recovery in this area.

To eradicate hunger, 90 percent of the resource comes from the private sector…

It is thought that 90 percent of the resources required to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals should come from the private sector. Private sector; made up of millions of players, from family farms and small businesses to global companies and industry networks, it plays a pivotal role in food and agriculture.

WEF is a non-profit umbrella organization with more than 700 members. Thanks to the cooperation with FAO, it is thought that many national and international companies around the world will recognize and adopt the good business and environmental practices supported by FAO.

In the statement made after the signature, it was stated that cross-border cooperation and uniting around a common calendar is now even more urgent due to the increasing hunger. The authorities underline the importance of convincing the private sector about the benefits of investing in agriculture, while emphasizing that there are many viable solutions to this issue, but investment is the key point.

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