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The relationship between frozen food and coronavirus has no scientific basis!

There is no scientific study behind the claim of Chinese Professor Li Lanjuan that the virus could be preserved for 20 years at minus 20 degrees.

Such claims, which have no scientific basis in the outbreak, feed false information, that is, infodemia.

MÜMSAD (Culinary Products and Margarine Industrialists’ Association) General Coordinator, Food Engineer Ebru Akdağ, reminding that there is no food related incident, as stated by the international authorities, said, “As the United Nations point out, the infodemia has reached a level as dangerous as the epidemic.”

Emhasizing that international authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. Disease Control and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) agree that no evidence of foodborne contamination has been found, Ebru Akdağ noted, “The main thing to avoid is non-scientific information.”

Akdağ continued his words as follows: “Not only does infodemia lead to the spread of non-scientific information, it can cause wrong decisions to be made with the panic it creates in the society. We should safely consume frozen products, whose nutritional value is higher than the fruits and vegetables you buy from greengrocer and which are free from any risk of contamination.”

Pointing out that Chinese and Norwegian authorities also made informative statements that the easiest method of protection from the virus is hand hygiene, Ebru Akdağ added, “Washing your hands with soapy water is one of the basic rules that must be followed immediately in terms of food safety, whatever you touch, especially raw animal foods. Moreover, considering that these products will also be consumed by cooking, it is clear that such a risk for frozen foods has no scientific basis. “

Real risk of non-scientific knowledge dissemination…

Underlining that the claims regarding all frozen foods do not include any scientific references, Akdağ concluded, “There is no scientific proof of this. On the contrary, packaged foods of known brands are reliable in the quality control system, as they are produced free of all contamination and spoilage risks. You can consume not only frozen products, but all food products that provide reliable food criteria. It is necessary to be a conscious consumer to prevent the spread of non- scientific information that leads to an infodemia epidemic.”

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