Coronavirus increased interest in tarhana!

The demand for tarhana, which is indispensable on the tables in winter, has increased during the coronavirus epidemic. In addition to domestic sales, Uşak (a province in Western Anatolia) tarhana is exported to many countries such as Germany, Austria, New Zealand and the USA.

Tarhana, one of the traditional products of Uşak, is in demand both domestically and abroad.

Kamil Karaman, Chairman of the Board of Kartad Food (Gıda), stated that the most important feature that distinguishes Uşak tarhana from other tarhanas is that it is allowed to ferment for 21 days and it extends the shelf life of tarhana by up to 1 year.

Karaman pointed out that the sales of tarhana have risen during the epidemic process and said, “Our tarhana is very important for health because it is made with completely natural methods and contains many products. Therefore, the interest of citizens in tarhana has increased during the pandemic period. Our sales have reached around 30 tonnes that were 20 tonnes last year.”

Karaman indicated that foreigners in the regions where especially Turks live abroad have learned to make tarhana soup by getting used to tarhana and their demand has grown.

Noting that the export figures have doubled, Karaman added, “Tarhana is a source of healing because it is made with natural products. Our overseas sales have increased at the same rate as it has been very useful during the pandemic process. Our overseas sales have also doubled. We continue to sell abroad.”

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