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Press release…

Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association (UYMSİB), with the support of the Ministry of Trade, realized the fourth of the trainings it gave within the scope of Bursa Black Fig Ur-Ge Project.

UYMSİB has added a new one to its works to introduce Bursa Black Fig, which is considered the best quality fig in the world with its long shelf life, large external appearance and magnificent taste, entering the kitchen of the British Royal Family.

The training given by experienced consultant Nilüfer Arıak to the participants of the companies in the Ur-Ge cluster was attended by UYMSİB Vice President Professor Dr. Senih Yazgan. Main topics such as “Delivery and Payment Methods in Foreign Trade” and “Export Financing” were discussed at the meeting held online throughout the day and attended by representatives of 10 companies. Problems encountered in education also in letters of credit; While examining the samples that have been opened, made reserves due to errors made in the document, and whose price could not be collected, the financing of exports was also handled with a holistic approach through international financing opportunities.

“Its correct marketing contributes greatly to the country’s agriculture”

Dr. Senih Yazgan stated that Bursa Black Fig, which is identified with the region, is a special and important crop that has no competitor in the world market and has no limit in its exports, and that this product, which is unrivaled, will be recognized in international markets and marketed at affordable costs will make a great contribution to the country’s agriculture.

In this context, Dr. Yazgan noted that they continue their activities in order to further develop the promotion and marketing processes of the Bursa Black Fig and underlined that the production, promotion and marketing of this product should be further developed.

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