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Jak Eskinazi: Aegean exporters reach 197 countries and regions across the world

Press release…

Exports from EIB to 197 countries and regions in the first two months of 2024…

Aegean exporters, who entered 2024 with the goal of preserving the existing exports, managed to ramp up their exports to 104 countries and regions by reaching 197 different export markets, while exporting 3 billion 56 million dollars with an increase of 4 percent in the first two months of 2024.

Jak Eskinazi

Jak Eskinazi, Coordinator Chair of the Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EIB), said that their exports to the European Union, their traditional trade partner and the centre of the global agenda of green transformation, reached a volume of 1 billion 380 million dollars in the first two months of 2024.

“While our exports to 16 EU countries soared in the first half of 2024, the share of the EU in EIB’s total exports was recorded as 45 percent and the share of the European continent in our exports was recorded as 51 percent. In the first two months, the highest spike in exports on the basis of regions was experienced to American countries with a hike of 20 percent and 391 million dollars. In addition to the European countries where our exports are strong, our exports to Colombia, where we organised a sectoral trade delegation in direct proportion to the Far Countries Strategy of our Ministry of Trade, rose by 198 percent,” he says.

Explaining that they exported 230 million dollars to Asian and Oceania countries with an increase of 31 percent, he adds, “When our exports to Far East countries as EIB are examined; China, which plays an engine role for the green transformation of the world, soared by 58 percent to 70 million dollars in the first two months, Japan by 85 percent to 31 million dollars, South Korea by 12 million dollars, Hong Kong by 4 million dollars, Taiwan by 29 per cent to 3 million dollars.”

“In South Asia, we increased our exports to India by 2 percent to 14 million dollars, to Pakistan by 136 percent to 12 million dollars, to Bangladesh by 130 percent to 7 million dollars,” he concludes…

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