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  • Volunteers who set out to introduce Izmir’s culinary culture to the world started their activities.
  • Sibel Önbaş, Founding President of İzmir Culinary Culture Association: “We will ensure that İzmir cuisine is included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network”

İzmir Culinary Culture Association started its activities. While the foundation of the association was announced by having breakfast with the press, Sibel Önbaş, Founding President of İzmir Culinary Culture Association, said that their aim is to introduce İzmir cuisine to the world and make it enter the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Sibel Önbaş

İzmir Culinary Association Founding President Önbaş and the management along with advisory board members came together with the media representatives at the L’agora Restaurant to enjoy their İzmir breakfast.

Sibel Önbaş said in her speech:
“Ensuring that our city, which has a very rich cuisine, is included in the Unesco Creative Cities Network in the field of gastronomy is one of our important goals. We are ready to cooperate with relevant institutions and organizations. What else, we are planning that Gaziantep, having the title of 9th ‘Gourmet city’ in the gastronomy field across the world, could be a guide for İzmir. So we are prepared to organize a research trip to Gaziantep in the coming days.”

Pointing out the importance of compiling and publishing information on the city’s culinary culture, especially the forgotten flavours, Sibel Önbaş emphasized that comprehensive studies will be carried out with well-equipped scientists, historians and gourmets in order to eliminate the deficiency in this matter.

A museum to be opened…

Underlining that they aim to organize a workshop in order to create a roadmap for İzmir, which is a ‘Immigrant Cuisine’, to become one of the Unesco gastronomy cities, Sibel Önbaş explained, “We will cooperate with different people and organizations serving in the culinary field. We want to work in cooperation with the Gastronomy Schools. By the way, a city which has a vast culinary culture like Izmir, must have a museum serving on this subject. It should have a cuisine that is open all day and offers real Izmir food.”

While Sibel Önbaş was the Founding President, the board of directors consisted of the following names: Aysun Tuncay, Özler Kılıçdağı, Ezgi Yaman, Elgin Kemahlıoğlu, Güler Köstem, Sinem Çelikten and Nurhayat Talay.

Müjde Tönbekici, Bedri Esmer, Eren Akçiçek and Alpay Okyay also took part on the Advisory Board.

A small percussion show with kitchen equipment was presented at the end of the meeting.

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