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Türkiye’s anchovy exports declined by 50 percent in September-October 2022 compared with the same period of last year due to warmer weather and more bonito population in the seas.

Recep Denizer

In two months, revenues from anchovy sales to 14 countries, including France, Belgium, the U.S. the U.K, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Canada and Kenya, amounted to $1.63 million, down from $2.42 million a year ago.

France imported $882,000 worth of 154,000 kilograms of anchovy from Türkiye in the said period. Belgium came second at $397,000 and 66,853 kilograms, followed by the U.S. at $169,000 and 23,000 kilograms. Only 23 kilograms of anchovy worth $158 were shipped to Kenya.

In the same period of 2021, Türkiye exported 450, 280 tons of anchovy to 13 countries, generating $2.4 million in revenues.

“Bonito feeds on anchovy and this year bonito population increased,” said Recep Denizer, whose company sells fish to the foreign market, explaining the reason behind the poor catch. “We are a bit pessimistic about anchovy, but bonito catch has been more than we had expected. When you have plenty of bonito but fewer anchovy, it means the fishing season is not good.”

Türkiye’s aquaculture exports, on the other hand, grew by 20 percent in January-October to reach $1.3 billion.

Exports to Russia increased by 26 percent to $240 million. Italy was the second largest export market for the local aquaculture sector, with sales to this country rising 13 percent to $152 million. Exports to the U.K. amounted to $132 million, pointing to a 15 percent increase.

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