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Chairman of The Packaged Milk and Dairy Industrialists’ Association (ASÜD) Harun Çallı: “Our future is entrusted to milk”

Emphasizing that the export of dairy products to China was opened on the June 1st World Milk Day announcement, Harun Çallı said, “Our domestic and national dairy products are still undiscovered potential power for our economy.”

 Making a statement on June 1, World Milk Day, ASÜD Chairman Harun Çallı said that milk and dairy products should be included in the diet to lead a healthy life. Çallı said, “Our domestic and national dairy products are still undiscovered potential power for our economy. Therefore, in order for this miracle food we call milk to find the value it deserves; we have to work hand in hand. ”

Harun Çallı, Chairman of the Packaged Milk and Dairy Industrialists Association (ASÜD), made a written statement due to June 1, World Milk Day.
“Pandemic showed the importance of packaged foods”

Pointing out that the importance of milk for individuals of all ages is once again understood during the coronavirus epidemic, Çallı continued his words as follows:

“This challenging process has changed the perspective of consumers towards healthy and hygienic products and the importance of packaged food has been undisputed. There was a marked increase in the need for packaged dairy products during the production, transportation and storage stages. If we include milk and dairy products in our diet, we will be profitable. But unfortunately, consumption of milk and dairy products is not yet at the desired level in our country compared to developed countries.”

“Turkish milk and dairy products will make a difference in Chinese tables”

Stating that 54 plants, 47 of which are ASÜD members, have been given export approval by the General Directorate of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, Çallı added, “As ASÜD, we have always carried out our works with the belief that ‘exporting our dairy products to China is not a dream’. This is a proud picture. We present our gratitude to everyone who contributed. Now Chinese consumers will enjoy our delicious cheeses that we export to many parts of the world.”

“Milk must find the value it deserves”

Çallı explained, “Thanks to these successes that our industrialists will achieve in export markets, the prices of raw milk and meat produced by our farmers will also stabilize within the country. In this way, our industrialists will be able to continue to supply products manufactured at world standards to our consumers at more advantageous prices.”

ASÜD Chairman Harun Çallı completed his words as follows; “World Milk Day, which is celebrated 20th time in this year and I hope that a miracle product like milk as we entrust our future will find the value it deserves.”

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