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Press release…

A solution is sought for the low efficiency of pine nuts with 10 projects in Bergama district of İzmir province.

Due to the low efficiency experienced in the last ten years, it is sought for solutions with 10 projects regarding this problem of pine nuts which are indispensable for traditional kitchens.

So as to clearing up the low efficiency of pine nuts which meet the 80 percent of national production and one of the means of living in Kozak plateau of Bergama region, activities that followed closely by The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli, are carried out in cooperation with Bergama Municipality, General Directorate of Forestry and Universities.

10 projects kicked off concurrently…

One of these studies is being carried out against the western pine seed beetle (Leptoglossus Occidentalis). The research, which started on the negative effects of this beetle on conifers, continues uninterruptedly. Studies have been realized by Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Faculty Member. Dr. Mustafa Avcı, Kırşehir Ahi Evran University Research Assistant Kahraman İpekdal, Adana Forestry District Deputy Director Tuncay Can, City Council Member Taner Tekin, Bergama Forestry Operation Manager Turan Çiğnaklı and Kozak Operation Chief Mehtap Yıldırım.

We work for the efficiency in pine nuts…

Underlining that they give all kinds of support as a municipality to the efforts to eliminate the low yield in pine nuts, which is the first among the livelihoods of Kozak local people, Mayor Hakan Koştu said, “The researches that started with the instructions of Bekir Pakdemirli still continue. Our minister is always with us about pine nuts as well as everything else. It is extremely important for our Bergama region to eliminate the economic losses of our citizens residing in our Kozak plateau and to end the loss of yields in pine nuts.

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