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Elidaş still holds 60 per cent capacity in late season for cotton…

Aegean Agricultural Products Licensed Warehouse Inc. (ELİDAŞ) was established under the leadership of İzmir Commodity Exchange (İTB) to produce cotton storage and electronic product bills in licensed warehousing for the first time in Turkey…

ELIDAŞ, despite the end of the 2018/19 cotton production season, it still maintains 60 percent capacity.

Following the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of ELIDAŞ held on 14 March, the first Board of Directors meeting was hosted by Izmir Commodity Exchange. During the meeting the activities of the organization in the last period were evaluated and the task distribution of the new period was made.

İzmir Commodity Exchange Assembly President Barış Kocagöz was re-elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ELİDAŞ in the new period, while Vice President Faruk Kula was the Chairman of Balıkesir Commodity Exchange.

Bülent Arman, Treasurer Member; Bülent Uçak, Member of Board of Directors; Şeref İyiuyarlar and Secretary General of the Exchange Erçin Güdücü also took part.

After the meeting, İzmir Commodity Exchange Assembly President and ELİDAŞ Chairman Barış Kocagöz said that they established ELİDAŞ in the Selçuk district of İzmir seven years ago to store cotton in appropriate circumstances, although the end of production season is approaching it still holds 60 percent occupancy rate.

Kocagöz also stated that ELIDAŞ has continuously developed since the day it was put into service and new achievements with the full capacity occupancy rate reached in the last two years.

“The agricultural products that changed hands with the conventional classical trading system gained a wide and versatile dimension with this system and new opportunities for the submitted” he added.

Kocagöz emphasized that the chance of determining the fate of farmer’s own goods gained life through this system which will become more functional with the Product Exchange, to start its activities in the near future.

Kocagöz concluded that as much as they were happy to see that the project had achieved such success, it also gave them more ambition to set sail for new targets.

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