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Ankara-Turkey 08.06.2020- Şemsi Bayraktar, Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers President, said that pandemic caused some changes in life preferences. Bayraktar said, “Migration has begun from crowded cities to the countryside. Our citizens want to increase their earnings and peace by choosing village life. Farming in rural areas away from the hustle and bustle of the city has become one of the most attractive jobs.”

While the attraction of rural life has increased, Bayraktar pointed out that small family businesses should be given positive discrimination and emphasized the importance of supporting small family businesses more.

Bayraktar stated that natural life gained importance with the coronavirus epidemic. Expressing that the interest in rural life has increased due to health, economic and psychological reasons, Bayraktar noted, “While struggling with pandemic, people experienced anxiety about losing their economic security as well as their health. People now want to move away from crowded cities to choose and produce a quieter life. Considering the impact of economic concerns and job losses, we expect an increase in the number of people migrating from city to rural area. ”

Bayraktar added that those who migrated to the city, hoping to work for better jobs, also tend to return to the village. Stating that besides economic concerns, longing for the countryside and passion for nature are also effective in reverse migration, Bayraktar concluded, “In addition to those who want to return to their rural lives and cultivate their lands again, white collar people want to produce by making use of their experiences in city life and become entrepreneurs in agriculture.”

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