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Izmir Chamber of Agricultural Engineers Chairman of the Board Dr. Tevfik Türk stated that production and agriculture had difficulties before and after the pandemic. Dr. Türk said, “The only solution is the change of going to public-based policies.”

Emphasizing the need to draw lessons from the coronavirus epidemic and take precautions, Dr. Türk noted, “The particle and current measures that are taken instead of taking holistic measures for the structural problems of the agriculture and food sector, cause their problems to become more complex. First of all instead of foreign-dependent policies in our country, There should be a change towards public-based agricultural policies as soon as possible.”

Emphasizing that “Agricultural production mobilization” should be declared, Dr. Türk offered solutions: “Domestic production should be increased through agricultural production planning that will be carried out at the level of country and regions immediately and guided by concrete supports across Turkey. The resource allocated from the budget for agriculture should be increased to at least one percent of the gross national product for the budget of 2021 and the following years. All the support payments for 2019 should be paid immediately and a notification arrangement should be made to bring forward calendars and invitations. Irrigation investments should be increased, water saving systems should be adopted and land consolidation and on-farm development services should be completed in a coordinated manner. Legal arrangements to prevent misuse of agricultural lands should be strengthened and made more deterrent. The brokerage system should be deactivated in cases of fresh vegetables and fruit markets, cooperatives should be expanded, hygiene should not be compromised in product presentation and effective audits should be carried out. By ensuring the development of animal husbandry, permanent special measures should be taken for the citizen’s consumption of animal foods such as healthy meat, milk and dairy products, as well as the income increase of the producer. Small farmers and family businesses must be supported.”

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