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Pınar Süt, the leading dairy company of Turkey, supplies 19 percent of national milk and dairy exports by itself, attained the targets in the first quarter of 2020 despite all market negativities.

İdil Yiğitbaşı, Chairwoman of the Board of Pınar Süt, said that they continue to bring together the farmers’ products and Turkish tastes with the world.   

While the epidemic affecting the whole world and the global economy, Pınar Süt sustains meeting of Turkish farmers’ products with the world and brings in the country.

Pınar Süt reached its targets in the first quarter this year and also realized 19 percent exports of all dairy products alone in 2019 and brought in 43 million dollars.

Despite all the negativities experienced in the market due to the pandemic, Pınar Süt increased its exports by 10 percent compared to 2019 and contributed to the national economy. Pınar, which has taken its place on the shelves with its products, especially Pınar Labne, in 21 countries, aims to ramp up its market share in the Middle East and Gulf countries.

“Consumer trusts Pınar”

Stating that the world gave an important examination during the pandemic days, Pınar Süt Chairwoman İdil Yiğitbaşı said, “We deliver our healthy and reliable products to our consumers in 21 countries we export to. Despite the negativities, we managed to increase the branded product export figures by 10 percent compared to the first quarter of 2019. In the days when sensitivity to food safety is increasing, this picture proves how reliable Pınar is in the eyes of our consumers. In order to maintain this trust, we analyze all our products at many checkpoints until we reach our consumers and we are working to bring Pınar quality to its healthiest state.”

Idil Yiğitbaşı also thanked Pınar Süt employees for their devoted work in this process. “We are following our precautions hard in difficult days and we are implementing required measures completely. At this point, we take the biggest strength from our employees and business partners. We thank the Pınar Family, who continue to work with their full powers throughout the process and we are proud of them,” Yiğitbaşı concluded…


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