In Austria, there is no national agricultural thematic channels that broadcast as in Turkey. As far as I follow, it does not exist in Germany and Switzerland too.

However, there are many agricultural magazines / newspapers regularly printed in Austria. These are printed with the same quality and rich content without interruption. There are also specialized agricultural publishing houses that work for Switzerland, Germany and Austria in German. Farmers and specialists benefit from these.

Information / news and contents produced in the field of agriculture in Austria are systematically transferred from one (many) channels.

Current contents produced by farmer organizations and roof formations are regularly delivered to producers and other stakeholders through bulletins and events.

Almost all the newspapers and channels broadcasting locally and nationally make publications about agriculture and raising consumer awareness several times a week. The language used in these articles / publications is carefully selected by journalists, journalists and experts and neither one word is missing nor one word is too much.

Again, public / private channels broadcasting are preparing beautiful documentary-like programmes that can include sides and opposing views on important and discussed issues. This is true in Germany and Switzerland. Sufficient detail is given to a person who does not understand the subject at all.

Agricultural information / news videos produced by every sector, which are indispensable for today, are of course available in the internet.

As I mentioned before, about half of the farmers in Austria do their job as a secondary job. In other words, they have a fixed job and they are working part-time in agriculture. And at the same time, half of the income of farmers in Austria consists of subsidies paid from National and European Union funds.

Those living both in cities and the countryside across Austria are trying to preserve their existing ties with the countryside as much as possible. It is important in rural / agricultural motived publications interspersed by local and national media for the preservation of this bond and consciousness…

Abdullah İnanç,

Agricultural Engineer

AgriLink | austria – turkey 

ATAP – Austrian Turkish Agriculture Platform, Director&Founder

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