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Food industry took the first place with 24 companies in the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) in the list of 100 Major Industrial Establishments by 2019 from Production to Sales. Stating that production and exports are the future of Turkey, EBSO President Ender Yorgancılar said, “Agriculture and agro-based industries will gain more importance.”

The future is in agriculture!

Indicating that production and exports, especially food, agriculture and agro-based industries, are Turkey’s future, EBSO President Yorgancılar noted, “Real sector was hard pressed due to global and national macro conditions in 2019. This was reflected in the situation of 100 large industrial enterprises. As a result of our survey, which we have carried out for 38 years as EBSO, 64 of 100 firms are the firms that only produce in İzmir, while 24 firms, though situated in Izmir, they continue their production outside of Izmir. 15 companies entered our 100 list for the first time this year. While 84 of 100 firms declared profit, 17 firms declared that they had made a loss.”

EBSO President’s recommendations…

Underlining that Turkey should generate a new economic programme, Yorgancılar made these proposals:

“We need to turn to industries that create jobs such as agriculture and tourism. We have to move to contract agriculture. The farmer does not know how much he will sell. We sent a report to our Minister of Agriculture on these issues.”

There are 24 companies from the food industry on the list…

In the list of 100 largest industrial companies announced by EBSO, the food industry was ranked first with 24 companies in terms of number of companies. The share of the food industry, which ranked second after the chemical and chemical products industry, with 20 billion 483 million 842 thousand TL in production, was 20 percent…

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