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Türkiye aims to export 80 thousand tonnes of cherry…

Türkiye, which is the world leader in cherry production with a harvest of 700 thousand tonnes, entered the 2023 season with the target of 80 thousand tonnes of cherry exports and 200 million dollars in foreign currency income.

“Cherry Harvest Festival” was held in İzmir’s Kemalpaşa district, the cherry capital, which is one of the centres producing the first cherry in the Northern Hemisphere with its early cherry varieties and climatic advantages.

“İzmir is the first of Türkiye, Kemalpaşa is the first of İzmir”

Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association (EYMSİB) Chairperson Hayrettin Uçak, who touched on the fact that agricultural crops produced in the country find more added value with exports, said, “Izmir has become the first in Türkiye by producing more than 100 thousand tonnes of cherries, while in Kemalpaşa, it became the first in Izmir province by producing 52 thousand tonnes of cherries.”

“As exporters, we work hard to ensure that our producers’ efforts and sweat are rewarded. We aim to bring 200 million dollars to our country by exporting 80 thousand tonnes of cherries in 2023. In order to make cherry the locomotive export product of Turkish agricultural products, our producers, companies, Ministry, Universities and Institutes can all act on a common ground and boost our place in the world export market,” Uçak added.

Uçak also gave information about the biggest export markets of Turkish cherries and continued as follows; “Our most important markets are Germany and Russia. Our cherries are very popular in countries such as India, Singapore and Hong Kong and we have the potential to ramp up our exports to these countries.”

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