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Animal feed (fodder) is the major cost in front of animal husbandry in Turkey. It is estimated that between 45 and 60 percent of the costs in all enterprises constitute feed. All these rising costs are also the main determinant in meat prices. On the other hand, over 45-50 percent of the raw materials used in mixed feed production are imported. Therefore, the prices of raw materials used in fodders such as oilseed, oil cake, bran and DDGS are increasing depending on the rise in the exchange rate. Besides, there is an increase in this process due to a rise in stocks of the countries due to the pandemic situation and the logistic failures experienced. All of these items are seen to be reflected in prices between 10-12 percent in the near future.

“Our project is ready for local fodder”

Emphasizing that animal feeds change the costs seriously, Turkey Red Meat Producers’ Association (TÜKETBİR) President Bülent Tunç said that they have been trying to recover the producers from dependence on the world feed industry. Stating that they have presented the project they prepared to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as an associaiton with 160 thousand members, Tunç said, “The Ministry also supports. It will even contribute to feed machines. We will support to produce regional feed and take it to door of the producer. If we cannot produce our own feed ourselves, this will continue to be reflected as harm to the producer and the consumer. For example, the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) supplies the products that can be used in feed to the producer. We will work with stakeholders to produce the best quality feed in the products we have. Now it’s time for action.”

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