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Turkish salmon is making a name for itself in the world…

Japanese and Russians love Turkish salmon…

SİNOP – Turkish salmon is making a name for itself in the international market. Sinop (a province in Black Sea region) is one of the important production bases in the export of aquaculture products with its 17 facilities. Turkish salmon, which is grown in the sea with the latest technology systems, is very popular in countries such as Russia and Japan.

Last year, exports of fisheries in Sinop province increased by 33 percent, reaching the level of 36 million dollars. Turkish salmon, which was produced around 5 thousand tonnes last year, was also effective in this performance. Targets have been raised a little more this year. While 7 thousand tonnes of production is expected this year, it is aimed to rise the exports of aquaculture products to over 100 million dollars in 2023.

Speaking of these goals, Sinop Agriculture and Forestry Director Bekir Yücel Tanrıkulu said, “Our province, which is one of the important centers of fishing in the Black Sea, has been making large investments in terms of aquaculture in recent years. There was an annual production of around 5 thousand tonnes.”

“I hope this production will be increased to 7 thousand tonnes this year. Despite the pandemic in aquaculture exports last year, we exported around 36 million dollars. In line with its targets, our ministry has an export target of 2 billion dollars in terms of aquaculture,” Tanrıkulu added…


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