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The debate on the increase in egg prices continues without slowing down. After the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture initiated an investigation too.

After the Ministry of Trade examined the rise in egg prices, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry also called egg producers to a meeting. While the producers explained that the prices were due to the cost increase, they also stated that there were extraordinary price spikes in some eggs sold under the name of cage-free chicken, organic chicken.

İbrahim Afyon, Chairman of the Egg Producers’ Assoaciation (YUMBİR), said, “So the cage-free chickens have given themselves away. While our prices are due to the increase in feed prices, they say they feed the weed in nature. Is there a raise in the weed?”

Stating that Deputy Minister Fatih Metin asked the reasons for the increase in prices, İbrahim Afyon noted, “We explained the increase in feed prices and some market practices. We also said that those sold as ‘organic eggs’ are not certified as free-cage chickens or village eggs.”

Pointing out that the Ministry will initiate an investigation, Afyon continued his words as follows: “The price of the white egg should not exceed 1 lira according to the rent of the place. How do those who claim that they sell natural eggs sell eggs at a price of 1.5 lira? Our citizens should not buy unmarked eggs. Do not think that every yellow egg is organic, ask its certificate. Although it is not real, they are sold as ‘organic eggs’.”

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