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In MY 2021/22, the orange yield is forecast to increase 40 percent to 1.82 million metric tons (MMT)
due to favorable rainy weather conditions in March and April 2021. The input costs for items such as
fertilizer, fuel, and pesticides are still considered too high while farm gate prices are too low to
compensate for the high production costs. Orange exports in MY 2021/22 are expected to increase 20
percent to 265,000 MT when compared with the previous season in correlation with high yield

Tangerine exports in MY 2021/22 are expected to increase 11 percent to 1 MMT in
correlation with higher production expectations. In 2021/22, lemon production is expected to increase 27
percent to 1.4 million MT with good quality fruit due to favorable weather conditions in late spring in 2021. The main problems reported by lemon producers in Turkey are diseases and pests, input costs such as fertilizers and chemicals, labor costs for tree trimming, crop quality, and marketing issues.

Source: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)

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