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Pointing out that global climate change and consumer preferences are laying the foundations of a new world, Aegean Exporters’ Association (EİB) Vice Chair Birol Celep underlined that the Green Deal, which sets out the ruleset of Europe’s new growth strategy, will affect many sectors, especially food and agriculture.

Emphasizing that 1.7 worlds are needed to meet the total food needs of humanity with today’s consumption habits, and this is impossible, Celep said, “With the strategy put forward within the framework of the Green Deal, the European Union aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent until 2030 and to reduce it to zero by 2050.”

“With the UR-GE (Product Development) project we will do in the food sector, following the topics in the EU’s Green Deal Process and enabling our exporting companies in the sector to comply with standards such as ‘traceability, where the food comes from, environmental footprint, nutritional value, use of digital tools, reduction of carbon footprint’, we are planning to develop training and consultancy activities and capacities after the needs analysis to be carried out by a professional consultancy firm,” Celep added.

Underlining that the correct use of our water resources is very important for sustainable agriculture, Celep explained, “Water footprint, which expresses the measurement of the amount of fresh water required to produce a good or service, within the entire supply chain; it covers the entire process from raw material processing to direct operations and consumer use of the product. Thus, the water footprint concept takes into account both direct water use and indirect water use in the production process.”

Water footprint

“With the UR-GE Project we will realize, we will measure our water footprint and ensure the correct use of our water resources. Considering that 74 percent of the fresh water resources in our country are used for agricultural purposes, the recycling and use of wastewater emerges as a priority issue. In our UR-GE Project, the water issue will be one of the topics we will focus on,” he concluded.

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