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In order to increase the efficiency and digitalization of the services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, various regulations and communiqués in the field of livestock and various agricultural activities and practices are envisaged to be published in the Official Gazette’s yesterday issue…

Accordingly, the Ministry under the supervision of plant protection, import, production, processing of reinforcing foods, welfare of animals used for experimental purposes, registration approval procedures of food enterprises, fertilizer market surveillance and inspection, principles and application of organic farming, identification, registration and monitoring of bovine animals and veterinary services.

In this context, the identification, registration and monitoring of cattle and sheep and goat animals, the regulation of the regulation on animal owners, deceased or newborn animals to the provincial / district directorates of agriculture and forestry will be able to notify via the internet.

With the regulation on the principles and application of organic agriculture, the applications for the work permit of the institutions to be authorized are made from the e-Government.

With the regulation made in the Regulation on the Import, Production, Processing and Supply of Reinforcing Foods, food operators will be able to make their applications electronically by electronic signature.

Collection of natural flower bulbs from nature, production and export regulations related to the company, the necessary permission for the export of the specified flower bulbs of the General Directorate of Crop Production with petition and wet signature or electronic environment and electronic signature may apply..


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