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Despite about 3 weeks remaining in the seas for the fishing ban that will start on April 15, some boats could not fish as they expected, so they stopped early and anchored in the port.

While some fishermen are already starting their preparations for the next season, some will go to the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean for tuna fishing on May 15.

Ton Balığı (Orkinos) Nedir? Nerelerde Yaşar Ve Kısaca Özellikleri Nelerdir?  - Evcil Hayvan
Tuna fish

The ban that will last until September 1 for fishermen fishing with trawl and purse seine nets in the seas begins on April 15. The fishermen, who could not find what they expected in the Black Sea this year, stopped early and pulled the boats to the port and took care of their nets and boats for preparations for the next season, although the season is not yet over.

After the hunting season that started in the Black Sea on September 1, the big boats that set out to sea started the season with bonito, but they could not find the catch they expected in this fish.

Hamsi Balığı Nedir? Nerelerde Yaşar Ve Kısaca Özellikleri Nelerdir? - Evcil  Hayvan

Yavuz Yılmaz, who has been dealing with the fishing industry for about 25 years, stated that the season was not bad, but the anchovy migrated early due to weather conditions, said, “We have been in the sector for about 25 years. The season was not bad, thank God. However, we have a bit of a problem with diesel prices. We bought very expensive diesel after half of the fishing season this season.”

“We want the state authorities to see this. We make huge investments, but when our expenses are high, we can’t get it back. I hope we will solve this problem as we start the season next year,” he added…

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