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Ankara- 14.05.2021-

Şemsi Bayraktar, Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers (TZOB) President, said, “Our farmers continue to produce unabated despite all difficulties during the coronavirus process. If we have had food on our tables since the beginning of the pandemic, it is thanks to them.”

“For this reason, I am always proud to repeat; One of the heroes of the fight against coronavirus is the Turkish farmer. Our veteran farmers deserve an applause,” Bayraktar noted.

Bayraktar made a statement on the occasion of May 14, World Farmers’ Day, which has been celebrated all over the world since 1984, with the decision taken by the International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP).

Bayraktar, who conveyed the difficulties, future concerns and solution suggestions of the farmers in our country, added, “Agriculture means food security. We have to support our farmers to ensure our food security. If our farmer wins, the country wins.”

“If we cannot produce, Turkey will starve”

Şemsi Bayraktar emphasized that while all segments of the population were called to “stay at home” during the epidemic process, the farmers continued to produce heartily so that the tables are not left without food and underlined, “In this process, the importance of agriculture and our farmers has been understood much better. We all know that adequate and balanced nutrition is as important as medicine in combating diseases. Therefore, if the agriculture and food sector stops, life stops. If we cannot produce, Turkey will starve. Our self-sacrificing farmers struggled, toiled and did not allow interruptions in food supply so that life would not stop.”

“We know that agriculture means food security. We have to support our farmers to ensure our food security because if our farmer wins, our country wins! We want to stay in the field, produce and feed our people. Our experiences show that we have to use our entire agricultural potential and plan the production of our crops that are in short supply. In order to rise the production of crops with supply deficits, a good production planning should be made, support policies should be expanded and productivity should be boosted.”

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