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An agricultural engineer in the eastern province of Şırnak has advised the unemployed people to breed Californian worms, telling that he produces three tones of worm fertilizer a month by only working an hour a day.

“Breeding worms and making worm fertilizer is an effortless job,” said Abdulmutalip Kocaman.

Worm fertilizer helps considerably in stimulating plant growth. “It helps to get 50 percent more products out of fruit and vegetable plants,” said Kocaman.

Worm castings

As the fertilizer obtained is organic, it has positive effects on the soil for up to three years, the engineer said.

“We bought around 600,000 worms from a company in the province of Diyarbakır. We had two boxes of worms. But in four months, the number of the worms increased to 1.5 million in four boxes,” he added.Stressing the economic value of the business, he said, “A ton of fertilizer is sold for 3,500 Turkish Liras (458 dollars).”

He said that by working only an hour a day, he produced around three tons of worm fertilizer in a month.

He also noted that many agriculture producing countries have been using worm fertilizer for the last 70 years.

Source: www.hurriyetdailynews.com

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