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The Packaging Manufacturers’ Association (ASD) drew attention to the importance of packaging use and the critical role of hygiene in human health due to October 16, World Food Day.

ASD President Zeki Saribekir said, “The global epidemic reminded us once again the importance of packaged food. Serious measures must be taken to prevent waste. Choosing packaged food is one of the critical factors at this point.”

Stating that they have achieved 4.7 billion dollars of exports as the industry last year, Sarıbekir explained, “Packaging sector has made continuous contribution to Turkish economy, along with supporting human health, hygiene and also continues to create awareness on waste prevention.”

“The Packaging Manufacturers’ Association (ASD) emphasized the importance of packaging use due to October 16, World Food Day,” Sarıbekir noted.

“The association emphasized once again the role of packaging in human health and hygiene issues and the added value it provides to the economy on the World Food Day, which is celebrated with various events around the world in order to raise awareness of the public about food consumption habits,” Sarıbekir added…

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