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Ankara – July, 29 2020 –

Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers (TZOB) Chairman Şemsi Bayraktar said that stubble burning in agricultural fields is an outdated practice that damages to farmers essentially.

Bayraktar said, “Burning the stubble means burning the efficiency of the soil. Our farmers should think about the yield they will get next year and the lives in the soil and stay away from stubble.”

Explaining that the farmers burned the stubble in order to prepare their fields for the second product quickly and to process the soil more easily, Bayraktar noted, “Burning the stubble means destroying our natural resources, our environment and our future.”

Indicating that those who burn the stubble unconsciously cut their own throat, Bayraktar added:

“Stubble fires; It causes the destruction of the natural and agricultural ecosystem, the amount of organic substance in the soil and the water retention capacity of the soil, the increase of water and soil erosion, the destruction of vertebrate and invertebrate creatures, in short, the inefficiency of the soil and the death of nature.”

“The soil yield is determined by the mineral, fertilizer and biological organisms in the soil. Burning stubble causes a decrease in soil yield. Our farmers who burn stubbles have to throw more fertilizer. The stubble that is not brought into the soil causes more fertilizer to be used and thus increases the cost. Our farmers, who are away from the stubble fire, both save from fertilizers and get more yields,” Bayraktar concluded…

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